The FIGC chief believes Serie A could lose over $769 million for the Coronavirus pandemic

by Sourav Das
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The FIGC chief believes Serie A could lose over $769 million

FIGC (Italian Football Federation) president Gabriele Gravina believes that Italian Serie A could lose more than $769 million in gross revenue due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. And, this will become true if they don’t follow the plan to resume the league in due time. The Italian league has been in pause since March this year.

According to the FIGC chief, Serie A already lost more than $550 million for a 2-month pause due to the rapid growth of coronavirus cases in Italy. But he believes that loss could be way bigger if they can’t resume the league according to the planned schedule. Gabriele Gravina is now preparing for his upcoming meeting with the sports minister of Italy.

The FIGC chief believes Serie A could lose over $769 million for the Coronavirus pandemic

While talking about the current standing of the league committee, the Italian Football Federation president told Riparte l’Italia magazine, “The job of the federation is to get football running again and prevent the economic crisis irreparably damaging Italian passion for the sport.”

He said, “We worked with determination to ensure Italy as a country gets back on its feet, including football, which is an important working sector that involves circa 100,000 employees and generates revenue for the state.” He then added, “We’ve worked incessantly with the minister for sport Vincenzo Spadafora, the minister for economy and Finance Roberto Gualtieri and minister for health Roberto Speranza, to create secure conditions for professional football to resume.”

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Gabriele Gravina said, “This is because only by returning to the pitch can we stop the collapse of revenue which in the short-term would otherwise be over €700m. More than €500m has already been lost to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.” Serie A side recently issued a statement that reads, “The latest round of tests underwent by the team group revealed a case of suspected positivity to Covid-19 with regards to a staff member.”

The club said, “Pending further analysis, the team will resume training individually and at different times tomorrow as a precaution, without the use of common rooms.” They then further added, “If positivity is confirmed, the team group will be kept in an isolated training retreat.”

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