Santiago Solari believes nothing is impossible for Real Madrid

Santiago Solari believes nothing is impossible for Real Madrid

Right after their much-needed 2-0 victory against Sevilla, Real Madrid coach Santiago Solari believes “nothing is impossible” for Real Madrid. And with this win, Los Blancos climbed to the third place of La Liga table having 36 points in 20 matches so far. They witnessed 11 wins and 6 losses along with 3 draws this season as of now.

Casemiro and Luka Modric scored the decisive goals for the team as they climbed past their opponents. But, they are still seven-point behind La Liga table topper Barcelona. The Catalan club, on the other hand, will host Leganes tonight to strengthen that point-gap. But, the Real Madrid coach believes that his squad will fight for the Spanish title till it is mathematically out of reach.

Atletico Madrid is now sandwiched between Real Madrid and Barcelona and occupy the second place of La Liga table with 41 points in 20 matches, just two points behind the Catalan side. Sevilla lost their place to Real Madrid after last night’s game. However, they had their chance to maintain the lead as Sergio Escudero missed a brilliant opportunity to score in the first half.

While talking about his squad, Real Madrid coach Santiago Solari said “We are fighting in three competitions until the last, as always. For Real Madrid, nothing is impossible.” He then said “I always enjoy football and the competition, it is our passion and we love it despite the tough times. We are passionate about competing and obviously it is better to win, no one can deny that.”


He said “It’s always more than just the three points when you’re up against a direct rival, because one team gets the points and the other loses them,” and added “The celebration was worthy of Casemiro’s wonderful goal, and it was tense because I couldn’t see if it was going in or not. It was a fantastic effort, not only because of the significance of the game, but because we needed that breakthrough.”

Solari also praised Modric and said “He was outstanding. Considering he had big gash that they had to stitch up.” He then added “He’s a fighter, he played a wonderful second half, split his eyebrow, then after 15 minutes they patched him up, he came and got the goal at the end. That speaks volumes about the spirit in this team. It was a very complete performance.”

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