Ronaldo’s Move to Turin Angers a Comedienne

by Alex Burnstein
1 minutes read

Cristiano Ronaldo, after signing a £105 million transfer from Real Madrid to Juventus and his move to Turin, Italy, has angered a local comedienne personality.

His move to Turin, which has sent a pulsing excitement among the fans, has also managed to make a Luciana Littizzetto, comedienne, angry by moving into the same neighborhood.

Ronaldo’s Mansion – Turin

The popularity of Ronaldo is not easy to let go of and is a magnet for fans and the papparazzi even though he chose a property in a quiet neighborhood for securing privacy while living with this girlfriend, four children and his staff.

Littizzetto is concerned about that fact that it will not take long for photographers and fans to populate the area, making it troublesome for the rest of the residents.

Luciana Littizzetto Angry at Ronaldo

Meanwhile, in the football field, Casemiro, Real Madrid’s ace admiited that they miss Ronaldo’s presence after losing 4-2 against Atletico Madrid in UEFA Super Cup.

Casemiro said, “Cristiano showed here that he has been the best in the world,” however, “it is already past, we cannot keep thinking about him,” but “We have to talk about the players we have. We want to make a stronger, more solid team, but Cristiano is already in the past.”

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