Ronaldinho is surprised

Ronaldinho says he never imagined his arrest in Paraguay

Both Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto Assis recently get arrested in Paraguay for allegedly using fake passports to enter the country in March this year. And while giving his first interview after his release from the Paraguayan prison, the former Barcelona legend says he is totally surprised for this arrest.

Paraguayan judge Gustavo Amarilla recently grant Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto Assis to stay in a hotel near Asuncion after they spent 32 days in prison. While talking with ABC Color, the 40-year-old Brazilian football star claimed that he and his brother came to Paraguay to launch a new online casino.

Ronaldinho says he never imagined his arrest in Paraguay


While talking about his arrest, he said, “We were totally surprised to learn that the documents were not legal. Since then our intention has been to collaborate with the justice system to clarify the facts.” He then also added, “From that moment until today, we have explained everything and facilitated everything that has been requested of us.”

Ronaldinho expressed that he was not prepared for this situation and said, “It was a hard blow, I never imagined that I would go through such a situation. All my life I have sought to reach the highest professional level and bring joy to people with my football.”

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The Brazilian star also expressed his joy for the reception that he has from Paraguayan fans. He said, “The warmth, affection, and respect of all Paraguayans has been felt from the first day I arrived in the country until today, and I am very grateful.” He then also added, “I have my faith. I always pray for things to go well and hopefully this will be over soon.”

When the reporters asked him what he will do after his release from the Paraguayan jurisdiction, he said, “The first thing will be to give a big kiss to my mother who has lived through these difficult days since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in her home, then it will be to absorb the impact that this situation has generated and move forward with faith and strength.”

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