Romelu Lukaku supports the performance of Manchester United

Romelu Lukaku supports the performance of Manchester United after their Europa League defeat

Former Red Devils star Romelu Lukaku believed Manchester United looks pretty good for the next season. His comment came after the Premier League side faced a tragic defeat against La Liga club Sevilla in the Europa League. They faced a 2-1 defeat against the Spanish side last night at the semifinal stage of the European championship.

On the other hand, Lukaku scored twice in the semifinal match between Inter Milan and Shakhtar Donetsk last night. Inter secured a 5-0 win in the Europa League. And, they are now all prepared to appear in the final clash. But, Lukaku believes that players like Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial are now on the right path.

Romelu Lukaku supports the performance of Manchester United after their Europa League defeat


While talking about the performance of Manchester United this season, Romelu Lukaku told BT Sport, “No, United tried their hardest. They had a really good season. Ole did a good job,” and then added, “The players did really well. Greenwood is coming through, Martial and Rashford, I expected that. I’m really happy for them.”

The former Manchester United star said, “They look really good for next season. I have no doubts.” He also talked about Inter Milan, and said, “We knew that they were really good in combinations, short combinations.” He added, “And as long as we kept the center of the defense close, I don’t think we would have any problems because the physicality of us was a bit too much for them.”

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Inter Milan striker said, “In the second half, we came through and showed our power and our patterns of play really disrupted them a lot.” He then added, “The team is doing well. Everybody is trying to do their best. We worked really hard in the little camp that we had. It was tough, but now you see the results of the hard work we put in.”

Lukaku said, “Physically and tactically, everyone is 100 percent, so hopefully we can keep going.” He said, “At the minute, everything is going well, but we’re still fighting. There’s still a game to go,” and added, “Records are nice to be broken, but, at the end of the day, we just want to win. The team that we play against, I think are the favorites, so we need to prepare ourselves very well. Recover, but then prepare ourselves.”

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