Real Madrid Earnings Higher Than Barcelona

Real Madrid has proven to be a better business than Barcelona this year, in terms of revenue. According to reports, Real Madrid earned a revenue of €748.04 million as compared to €686 million of Barcelona.

When it comes to earnings from player sales, Barcelona earned a huge €227 million from the sale of Neymar Jr. and other players. On the other hand Real Madrid could only get €54.21 million from player sales. Where, Real Madrid has been ahead is the income from various friendly matches and the international matches.

Real Madrid earned €85.46 million from Champions League matches, €4 million from the Club World Cup and Spanish Super Cup. The club earned €18.54 milliion from its summer tour. Television rights contributed €178.4 million to Real Madrid’s revenue. The single biggest contributing factor towards Real Madrid’s revenues is marketing, with €297 million. The marketing revenues include the €26 million from Adidas.

Real Madrid has big plans for its future. The club is already negotiating a new contract with Adidas that would bring in more money. Further more, the club is hoping to revampt its stadium with a huge loan of €550 million.

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