PSG star Kylian Mbappe suffered a serious ankle injury at Coupe de France

by Sourav Das
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Kylian Mbappe suffered a serious ankle injury

French club Paris Saint-Germain won their Coupe de France match against Saint-Etienne last night. However, their star performer Kylian Mbappe suffered a horrific injury on his ankle that can be potentially serious. And while talking about the incident, PSG coach Thomas Tuchel recalled the last night’s game as an expensive victory.

Kylian Mbappe was almost into tears when he had to leave the ground due to the injury. However, he appeared on the bench during the second half on crutches. That incident also sparked the overall temperament of the match while the referee had to show 10 yellow cards on a row. Saint-Etienne’s player Perrin received a red card due to his ill-tempered attitude.

PSG star Kylian Mbappe suffered a serious ankle injury at Coupe de France

While talking about their victory last night, Paris Saint-Germain manager Thomas Tuchel told Eurosport, “Yes, we won. In a final, that’s most important. It was complicated for several reasons.” The French coach then further said, “There are many things to improve and analyze. That’s good. But it’s an expensive victory.”

He said, “In the last three matches against Saint Etienne, they always have a red card in the first 30 minutes. And I’m not telling you what is said in the locker room before. And in addition, we are the ones who had three yellow cards.” Tuchel talked about Mbappe and said, “I have no news at the moment. Everyone would be worried after seeing the images of the injury. Of course, I’m worried.”

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The PSG manager said, “It was hard despite the numerical superiority. It was the first competitive match [since the shutdown], but we had a lot to lose. We were big favorites.” He added, “We had opportunities to score the second and I remembered last year when we lost after leading 2-0. The satisfaction remains to have won. We did not concede a goal and we did not get angry even if we were not at our best”

PSG defender Marquinhos said, “It wasn’t our best game. But we had to win,” and then added, “Obviously, Mbappe’s injury worries us, and that of Kehrer. Hopefully, they are not too serious. We will see how it goes. They are two important players in the squad.” He further added, “You just have to think about preparing and working well. There are still trophies to go for. We will see day by day.”

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