PSG manager Thomas Tuchel

PSG manager Thomas Tuchel wants new players in the squad

The PSG manager Thomas Tuchel urged the club officials to sign new players in this transfer window. And, he vented his frustration right after Paris Saint-Germain achieved a 4-1 win against Rennes. However, they needed reinforcements after the injuries of their star players, Neymar and Marco Verratti.

The transfer of Zenit star Leandro Paredes to the PSG squad is yet to be completed. Besides, the head coach is now growing impatient with the club’s quest to sign a good midfielder. They want Napoli midfielder Allan on their side, although the Serie A side and their boss Carlo Ancelotti are not ready to sell their star man.

While talking about the transfer of Argentine star Leandro Paredes, Paris Saint-Germain manager Thomas Tuchel said “We’re waiting for him [Paredes],” and then further added “I am told it is settled but here is not there. I’m worried. We need players!” However, it is now the first time he is showing clear signs of frustration due to the lack of new signings.

The French club’s manager said “Maybe even an offensive player since Neymar is injured. We are waiting for Leandro but he is not here.” He then expressed his worries after the injuries of the star players as he said “It was already like this last summer but it is more serious with the injuries of Verratti and Neymar.


Thomas Tuchel then said “We cannot do a miracle. There are missing players in the middle. It’s January 27! It’s almost finished,” and then further added “What can I say? We have goals in this club,” and then continued “To reach it, to have ambition in the club and for my players, we must recruit players.”

He also expressed his views on the VAR last night and said “Go home, go home, take that [expletive],” and added “Why do we have VAR? Why do we have VAR? Why?” He then explained “If it’s a penalty, if it’s not a penalty. If it’s a red card, not a red card. There’s no point looking at VAR anymore, it’s ridiculous.”

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