Phil Neville backs Jose Mourinho

Phil Neville defends the ‘Personal’ criticism of United boss Mourinho

Former Manchester United star Phil Neville thinks that the Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho is the right man at the Old Trafford despite his recent scrutiny. He also thinks that the criticisms are now getting “personal” for Mourinho but also assures that the under-fire manager can handle it pretty well. Besides, Neville expressed that Mourinho will soon turn the situation in his favor at Manchester United.

The Red Devils authority is reportedly set to sack Mourinho regardless of the result against Newcastle United. But, Neville completely dismissed that rumor while expecting a stunning Premier League comeback of United. Mourinho not only now in headlines as United sit seven points off the pace but also for his broken relationship with French midfielder Paul Pogba.

Jose Mourinho

The head coach of English national football team and former Manchester United Player, Phil Neville, stay strong with his views on Mourinho. He said “I think Jose is still someone that I look up to and admire because managers go through tough times,” and added “I’ve been sacked twice and it hurts when people level things at you, in defeat or at bad times, it can get personal and maybe some of it has got personal with Jose.”

The winner of six English Premier League title, Neville, also backs Mourinho while saying “I agree with Jose. I think there is a bit of a manhunt out there – everyone seems to be looking at him. I think they’ve got the right man who can handle that sort of situation.” He, while talking about the Red Devils, added: “My feeling when I think of the great Manchester United teams, I think of the togetherness of the whole club.”

Phil Neville

Neville also said “The directors coming down in the dressing room after we had won European Cup finals, FA Cup finals – we shared the success. We used to celebrate with the supporters on the bus tours of the city,” and then added “It’s all or nothing. You can’t go fighting a war on your own, you’ve got to fight it together and I think that would be the biggest thing about Saturday – all of a sudden everyone came together.”

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