Patrice Evra recalls his extremely difficult childhood

Patrice Evra recalls his extremely difficult childhood before entering the football field

Former Manchester United defender Patrice Evra recently recalls his tough days when he was literally a homeless youngster roaming in the streets of Paris. He told that he begged in front of different shops to earn his living. However, he also told that he never wanted to change anything about his childhood days.

Besides Manchester United, he also played for Juventus and Monaco during his heydays. However, most of his success came in the Red Devils jersey and he helped the club to win more than 15 titles. He also helped the side to secure five Premier League titles and a UEFA Champions League.

Patrice Evra recalls his extremely difficult childhood before entering the football field


During his recent podcast, Patrice Evra told, “I’ll be honest with you, it was a tough childhood because I’ve got many brothers and sisters, so it wasn’t easy living in the street,” and then added, “I was in Paris but living in the streets and sometimes I wasn’t even able to have some food.”

He said, “I remember my brother Dominique was working at a McDonalds and so I was going there and on his lunch break he was giving me his own food.” He then added, “I’m not scared to say that I’ve begged for money in front of shops. I’ve been in front of shops and when I’ve seen some people I’ve said, ‘Can I have a Euro?’ and sometimes they were giving me the money and sometimes not, just because I wanted to buy a sandwich.”

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While talking about his childhood, he said, “It was a tough time, but a happy time. I was always happy and always felt lucky, I wouldn’t change anything, I would keep it that way because it built the man I am.” He then said, “Some people, when you succeed they just see the end [result], they just see on the TV the superstar, but actually, on the streets, I learned so much and it helped me to be strong.”

Evra said, “Especially after the World Cup when I was the captain and a lot of people were blaming me but I was still strong because I know on the streets I had tougher times than then, with the press talking about you.” The star then also added, “I’m not a victim, I’m not feeling sad. I don’t want any people to give me much love, because I’m telling those things. I’m just telling my true story.”

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