Pasquale Bruno condemns that Cristiano Ronaldo has no respect

Pasquale Bruno condemns that Cristiano Ronaldo has no respect for his fellow Juventus teammates

The 35-year old football legend, Cristiano Ronaldo, created magic since his childhood days in football. He achieved greatness during his stint with Manchester United and Real Madrid. However, he created another magical aura after he joined the Italian Serie A side Juventus two seasons back. Since then, he not only became the talisman of the side but also scored plenty of goals.

However, he is still known as quite a stubborn and arrogant guy for many football fans. And, former Juventus defender Pasquale Bruno is also among them. He recently condemns the attitude of the Portuguese superstar as he showed no signs of learning Italian during his time with the Serie A side for the last two seasons.

Pasquale Bruno condemns that Cristiano Ronaldo has no respect for his fellow Juventus teammates

While talking about the overall attitude of Cristiano Ronaldo, former defender Pasquale Bruno told Tiki Taka, โ€œHe is ignorant.โ€ He then added, โ€œHe has been in Italy for two years and has not yet learned to speak our language. He uses Spanish to express himself. He has no respect for his team-mates or for the Italians.โ€

CR7โ€™s teammate Juan Cuadrado has a different opinion about it as he recently praised the sportsman spirit of Ronaldo in a press conference. He said, โ€œRonaldo is very happy, he couldn’t wait to come back and play.โ€ The Juventus player then further added, โ€œYou saw that from the moment he stepped onto the pitch [against Spezia].โ€

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Colombian footballer Juan Cuadrado also expressed that the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo himself supercharged the whole Juventus side. He said, โ€œHe’s an extra weapon for us, we all know what he gives to the team. He is very confident and that helps us too, passing on the professionalism and desire to win that we all ought to have.โ€

After the last match, Italian legend Andrea Pirlo said, โ€œThe attitude is the same. The players change from game to game but the positions are the same.โ€ He said, โ€œMcKennie played against Spezia, [Aaron] Ramsey was there two games ago and [Dejan] Kulusevski before that.โ€ Pirlo then finally added, โ€œIt doesn’t matter who plays, the model remains the same.โ€

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