New football simulator released on world football day

New football simulator released on world football day

The ongoing pandemic situation has meant that many people are looking for ways to keep themselves busy while at home, and most of these solutions are being found online through various websites. Streaming sites such as Netflix have seen a huge spurt in terms of their memberships, while other entertainment options have also grown in popularity. One of these is online gaming and online casino websites. In terms of online casinos, the fact that land-based casinos have been closed due to government regulations has meant that there are now a number of online sites to which people have turned in order to get their gambling needs. Most of these sites offer casino games such as online poker, online baccarat, online blackjack and so on. Gaming has also risen in popularity, with many people getting introduced to this pastime in recent months as well. The absence of live sports for a large part of the year also led people to look for online pastimes, and thus is also behind the rise in popularity of gaming, online streaming and online casino websites. One such game which was announced earlier this year, Football for Friendship, finally has a release date as well for fans to look forward to.

The game will be released on 10th December 2020, which is also World Football Day. It is a multiplayer game, which will be focused on important values such as friendship, unity and peace, which are even more important in the current scenario. The first 100 registered users of the game will be given unique football merchandise, including football kits from the Football for Friendship programme, as well as the Football Union of Russia (FUR). Fans from all over the world will be able to play this game and play against each other, being able to do so in real time. They can also create and manage their own teams, or become fans and support their friends’ teams from the stands.

Moreover, in an additional bit of news, there will be a Football for Friendship eWorld Championship which will be held two weeks before the launch of the game. Young players between the ages of 10 and 14 years from over 100 countries will be picked and organized into 32 teams to participate in this tournament, with 55 matches being played in total. The legendary Brazilian defender Roberto Carlos is the Global Ambassador for this programme, with the final being broadcast live as well. The winning team will receive tickets to attend the 2021 UEFA Champions League final in Istanbul next May.

This game is being developed by DataArt, while the International Children’s Social Programme Football for Friendship, which is an initiative by Gazprom, is behind this whole idea. The programme was first implemented by Gazprom in 2013, with over 6,000 participants from more than 211 countries having been part of it in the seven years since. Football for Friendship is intended to be a digital, online platform to unite over 10,000 players of all ages from across the globe. International competitions and matches can be easily held here, and it will help foster competitiveness and collaboration at the same time between children of different ages and nationalities. It will allow children to be able to create and manage their teams, support their friends, and also play alongside them, all from the comfort and safety of their homes. The programme has received the backing of UEFA, FIFA, various national football federations and some of the world’s leading clubs as well as players, officials, and even other celebrities from different walks of life.

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