Messi a Style Icon – 17 Photos That Show Messi’s Incredible Fashion Sense

by Joe Kauffman
1 minutes read

Lionel Messi, is considered to be one of the greatest football players ever. The Argentine super star has achieved some amazing things in his career. And he seems to be perfect at almost anything he does on the football field. However, what we often don’t realize is that how well Messi carrys himself off the field. He is one of the coolest football players when it comes to fashion and style. He knows how to dress for the ocassion and how to stay classy in jeans. We have compiled 17 amazing photos of Lionel Messi. These photos not only reveal his amazing fashion sense but also give some clues about his wonderful family life.

17 – Just some random casual styles!

16 – Remember when Messi surprised everyone with the white hair look?

15 – Posing shirtless for a photoshoot.

14 – The tattoo’s on his arms and the signature Messi style of celebration.

13 – Didn’t pay much attention to his haircuts when he was young. But that long hair look suited him at that time.

12 – Too good…

11 – Woah! This was probably one of the best styles Messi had.

10 – This hari style suited him the most.

9 – Just chilling with his family. Cap suits him.

8 – A random photo with Neymar… Just kidding.

7 – All Black and Determined!

6 – Such a classy dad!

5 – Remember when he wore that red suit to the Ballon d’Or ceremony.

4 – Knows how to carry those Golden Boots in style.

3 – The cutest family ever!

2 – Movie Star?

1 – The car complementing the most stylish GOAT ever!

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