Martin Keown compares Lucas Torreira

Martin Keown compares Lucas Torreira with Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira

Former football star Martin Keown recently praised the 22-year-old Arsenal midfielder Lucas Torreira and he told he has not seen the same kind of ‘drive and determination’ in the Gunners jersey since the retirement of Patrick Vieira. Patrick Vieira scored his first goal for the club in their 4-2 victory against Tottenham Hotspur last night.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored the opening goal for Arsenal from a penalty in the 10th minute. Tottenham then achieved their 2-1 lead with the scores of Eric Dier in the 30th minute and Harry Kane in the 34th minute. Aubameyang then scored his second to equalize the score in the 56th minute. And then, the winning goals came from Alexandre Lacazette in the 74th minute and Lucas Torreira in the 77th minute.

Lucas Torreira Arsenal

While talking about the performance of Torreira, Martin Keown wrote in his Daily Mail column that “It was the best all-round midfield display I have seen in an Arsenal shirt since Patrick Vieira and Gilberto Silva used to run the show.” He then added, “Torreira and Vieira could not be more different in terms of size and stature but their drive and determination is exactly the same.”

He openly expressed “From the first whistle the Uruguayan controlled the midfield. He was utterly fearless, demanding the ball at all times, always eager to snap into tackles and snuff out danger,” and then added “His tireless running gave Arsenal an extra body all over the pitch. You got the sense that if he could, he would happily do everyone else’s job!”’

Lucas Torreira

Martin Keown also explained “Going forwards, Torreira also excelled. He reads the game exceptionally and when he gets on the ball, he uses it intelligently to feed the quality at the top of the team. His emphatic goal proves he is a mean finisher, too.” He also wrote about Unai Emery that “This victory feels like a watershed moment for Unai Emery. From day one, his sole aim has been to get these Arsenal players back to boiling point.”

He then wrote “He recognizes that to win titles, you need to squeeze every drop of tenacity and passion from the squad,” and further added “Those are the qualities that every successful Arsenal team has possessed. In Torreira, Emery has a little dynamo on the pitch who sets the standard.”

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