Marcelo on Real Madrid

Marcelo believes Real Madrid always aims to win the finals of national and international tournaments

The Brazilian defender Marcelo has already spent 13 seasons in Santiago Bernabeu and became a part of several trophies. And now, he believes that Los Blancos always aims for collecting trophy in national and international format. Besides, he also believes that his club always inspires its players to have a trophy-winning run each season.

Marcelo also talked that it is a demand from the club to win trophies and to celebrate each season. However, Real Madrid has a long heritage and already proved themselves as one of the best football clubs of all time. Besides, they also made their names as one of the successful clubs in Spanish La Liga.

Marcelo believes Real Madrid always aims to win the finals of national and international tournaments


While talking about his time with Real Madrid, Marcelo told Real Madrid TV that, “The most important thing is that when we win a trophy, we don’t think about stopping and letting time go by.” He said, “We always think about winning more, even if we’ve won three in a row,” and added, “When I arrived, Madrid taught me to fight until the end. You win the finals.”

Marcelo said, “I’ve learned a lot with Real Madrid about this,” and added, “When we think we’ve won everything, we want to win again. That’s our way of thinking.” The Brazilian star said, “Real Madrid grow in finals. We have a mentality for this kind of match and at the end you see your friend giving everything and you have to give it too. The coach is the same.”

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He said, “Motivation makes you feel good, you grow in the match and when you play a final you have to win it.” Marcelo now also talks about his training schedule amid the Coronavirus pandemic and said, “We’re improving, we’ve had a hard time without training or playing football, without contact with our team-mates.”

He said, “We have got 11 finals and we have to give everything to win,” and added, “We are playing for a very important trophy; we will try to win everything [remaining].” The Brazilian star then said, “We are excited to be able to train again and to know that we are going to play in La Liga again, too.”

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