Manchester United ‘still furious’ with Atletico Madrid star Diego Godin

It has been reported that Manchester United are furious with Diego Godin right after he used the interest of Manchester United for leverage so that he can sign a long term deal with Atletico Madrid.

As far as the prime defensive target for Manchester United is concerned we can see that it is undoubtedly Uruguay international when the dying stages of summer are going on.

The Mirror tells that Manchester United have not only initiated the clause but also have set up a private jet so that they can push through the move right before the time.

However, a cancellation of the plane was observed when Godin made a U-turn which was a complete surprise. He told the United that he had agreed for a new contract with Atletico.

In the end there was no way out for Manchester United and the Mirror claimed that there is a friction between Club’s hierarchy and Jose Mourinho that has been triggered by Godin.

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