Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne

Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne reveals his battle with injuries

Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne now talks about his ongoing battle with repeated injuries and also admitted that he failed to reach his peak performance in the 2018-19 football season. The 27-year-old star midfielder has earned his place among the best players ever to participate in the Premier League for his last season’s performance.

Since his arrival at Manchester City in 2015, the Belgian midfielder appeared in more than 100 official matches. Besides, he also led his side to win the Premier League title in 2017-18 season. However, he failed to make more than three appearances in the league this season due to his successive knee injuries following the 2018 FIFA World Cup campaign.


The Belgian star midfielder now recognized that his joint-related problems are really troubling him since the starting of this season. While talking about his battle with repeated injuries, Kevin De Bruyne said “I am doing well. I am happy to be fit. It’s been a long six months for me, but I’m happy that now I can play football.”

The Manchester City star then gave update about his condition and said “Sometimes I feel good, sometimes I feel a little bit worse or I need a day more to recover. But I try every day to be at the best level I can be, and sometimes people have to give me a little bit of slack after the amount of time I have been away.”

He then said “I always want to be better. But sometimes my body just says ‘no’ and I have to take that in my stride,” and further added “I don’t feel anything in my knee now, but we play so many games sometimes I feel better and sometimes a little bit less. You just feel that in the game and it’s normal.”

Kevin De Bruyne said “I didn’t have a pre-season and I am trying to physically get to the level of last year. I always play the same style. I am not going to do something different to show I’m there.” He then also added, “I think people know who I am as a player and what I can do for the team – and that’s not going to change after an injury or two.”

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