Manchester City believe in Pep Guardiola’s tactical changes

Manchester City believe in Pep Guardiola’s tactical changes

Citizen’s star midfielder Bernardo Silva said that the full squad of Manchester City believe in Pep Guardiola and his tactical tweaks. The talisman gave this remark after City defeated Arsenal by 3-1 this weekend. Guardiola started that match with just three natural defenders with the frequent backup of Fernandinho.

It seems that the tactical change paid off as they achieved their much-needed victory. The Sky Blues manager also admitted that he made that tactical tweaks just to play against Arsenal and will less likely use that in future matches. And, the star midfielder now also talked about his trust on the manager and his changes.

While talking about Pep Guardiola’s techniques, Bernardo Silva said “During the season we have tried many different things,” and added “We adapt to the way the other teams play.” The midfielder then added “We try to attack the best way we think we can do, when they play four in the back, five in the back, when they play with four midfielders, three midfielders, one attacker, two attackers.”

The star midfielder also talked about their brilliant win against Arsenal this weekend and said “So [against Arsenal] it was a good performance. We are happy with the tactics because it worked. We just follow what Pep tells us because we believe in him.” He then also added “Once again it worked, so we are very happy with that.”


He said “We know we have to improve. Even though we have some fantastic performances, sometimes we don’t play as well as we want to,” and then added, “We have to improve that, to see which mistakes we are making, with the help of the staff, and try to improve all the team.” The midfielder also said “The atmosphere in the dressing room is fantastic. Everybody is trying to help each other to improve, and to try and help the mate next to you.”

Bernardo Silva said, “We just want to be the better players game by game, be a better team, to try and win some titles at the end of the season.” The midfielder then further added “We knew after the Newcastle defeat we had to give a response to that game. Especially here in front of our fans. We’re very happy with the win, very happy with the way we played tonight because I think it was a good performance. And back to winning days.”

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