Luis Suarez says he talks a lot with Lionel Messi

Luis Suarez says he talks a lot with Lionel Messi even after his departure from FC Barcelona

The relationship between Lionel Messi and the Barcelona coach became bitter following the decision of the club to transfer Luis Suarez to Atletico Madrid. The famous attacking duo is known for their friendship and their on-field understanding. They have delivered some brilliant wins and lifted several trophies together while playing for the La Liga side FC Barcelona.

The relationship between Lionel Messi and the club started to deteriorate after Barcelona agreed on a transfer deal for Neymar. And shortly after, a new feud started with Messi and the Catalan manager following the departure of Luis Suarez to a fellow La Liga side. The ongoing clash attained the peak after Barcelona faced a tragic 8-2 defeat against the Bundesliga side, Bayern Munich.

Luis Suarez says he talks a lot with Lionel Messi even after his departure from FC Barcelona

While talking about his relationship with Lionel Messi, former Barcelonan striker Luis Suarez told Marca, “The truth is that we speak a lot, but honestly we talk about our life.” He said, “It was recently the birthday of one of my children, also his. We talked about life, the virus, everything, but very little about football, about the goals we miss or about tactical systems.”

Suarez said, “We worry more about how the family is than about what happens in football.” The former Barcelona striker then further added about his Barcelona exit, “I was sad and hurt by the way I left – I already said it. But when they close a door, five more open to you where they value my work, professionalism, and trajectory. I feel proud.”

Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi | The Football Duo

He said, “Where they did not want me, there was another that wanted me. I found happiness and I’m enjoying this moment now.” The Atletico Madrid striker then talked about his reason to depart from Barcelona and said, “No, there was tactical planning or, whatever you want to call it, that sought to make changes. I had to accept it because they didn’t need me.” He further added, “Each person can draw conclusions. I have to live my present at Atleti.”

On the other hand, Diego Forlan recently expressed, “It is very good he stayed, but they are growing…Leo Messi, Luis [Suarez]…great players, they are changing and La Liga will be still there…It is more than 90 years history of La Liga and big stars have been here and will be also.”

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