Lucien Favre believes Borussia Dortmund gifted the win to Tottenham Hotspur

Lucien Favre believes Borussia Dortmund gifted the win to Tottenham Hotspur

The German side faced a tragic 3-0 defeat last night due to their lack of focus on the UEFA Champions League this year. And, manager Lucien Favre believes Borussia Dortmund panicked during the game after they fall behind and lost their chance to even fight against the Premier League club at the Wembley stadium.

The Bundesliga club displayed quite an impressive performance in the first half of the Champions League ‘Round of 16’ first-leg clash against Tottenham Hotspur. But, their wasted chances in the second half finally sealed a 3-0 result against them. Son Heung-min, Jan Vertonghen, and Fernando Llorente scored brilliant goals for the Premier League club.

While talking about their defeat in the Champions League last night, Borussia Dortmund manager Lucien Favre said, “We played well in the first half, we had a couple of chances.” The manager then further said “We defended really well and played well going forward,” and added “In the start of the second half we gave it away. When we lost the ball and the cross came straight in and was in the back of the net. It was a gift.”

He said “After that we tried to play a bit too hastily and it was very, very difficult for us.” The Borussia boss then further talked about their strategy and said “Sometimes we just had to defend. The second goal we’ve got to move the ball and after the second goal it was harder to hold on to the ball and create chances.”


Jadon Sancho also gave his own views regarding their last night’s defeat and said “I don’t have any words for the second half,” and added, “We tried our best but Tottenham scored and were the better team.” He said “In the first half we played really well. We just dropped a bit and lost focus. In the next game, we need to keep focused for the whole game.”

The manager said “We are still in it, we have to stay focused, we will keep believing we can score more than them and hopefully we can get through to the next round.” He added, “I am just happy that I am in England and playing in front of my family.” The youngster also said, “I am happy that I am home and I hope I gave the audience something they never knew about me.”

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