Lionel Messi is All Set to Take on Girona With a New Look!

Barcelona super star, Lionel Messi is always in the news. Some regard him as the greatest player of all time, and others consider him as one of the greatest of all times. Regardless of which side of the fence you stand, you cannot deny the importance of the Argentine super star.

Messi recently just scored a fantastic hat-trick against PSV in the Champions League. Now, it seems that the player is ready to take on Girona with the same level of excitement and passion, or maybe perhaps a little more. Lionel Messi will be back to football action against Girona in a new style.

Yes, Messi has finally shaved. And he looks superb. The new Messi look was revealed by FC Barcelona twitter handle.

Getting tons of retweets and likes is quite normal for such a major change in Messi’s look. The player is considerd as one of the style icons in the world. Perhaps not as much as his old rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, but still Messi enjoys considerable fan following in terms of style and fashion.

Messi will be looking forward to scoring a few more goals against Girona in order to celebrate his new style and to give his fans the usual Messi treat on the pitch!

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