Lionel Messi Could Face Arrest After Being Charged for Money Laundering in Argentina

Lionel Messi and his father Jorge Messi are facing money laundering charges in Argentina. The Barcelona star and his father will have to give the details of the donations made from Lionel Messi Foundation.

As per reports in the Argentine newspaper, La Nacion Lionel Messi foundation was used for laundering the money illegally. The report says that some of the money that is sent into the Lionel Messi foundation is not being used for the community purposes. These claims have been made by one of the former employees of the Lionel Messi foundation. Due to these claims Messi and his father have been indicted in Argentina. The father-son duo will be giving clarifications to judge Gustavo Meirovich on this issue.

Messi and his father faced similar accusations about two years ago. The player was investigated for a scheme called “Messi and Friends”. The scheme involved Messi playing a number of friendly matches in different parts of the world. The earnings from these matches were supposed to go to the Lionel Messi foundation. However, there was no sign of these earnings going towards the foundation. Messi has not been guilty in that earlier case.

Messi has previously faced a 21-month prison sentencing from the Spanish courts on the charges of tax fraud. According to reports the Argentine, did a tax fraud of €4.1 million. Messi’s jail term was converted into a fine by the court. And he ended up paying €252,000.


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