Leganes manager Javier Aguirre

Leganes manager Javier Aguirre reveals the restart date of La Liga this season

Mexican head coach and the current manager of the Spanish club Leganes the detailed plans of La Liga to resume in this season. In his recent interview, he revealed that La Liga will resume by 20th June this year and will be concluded on 26th July 2020. As of there, many games are still pending in the Spanish league.

However, there is no such official statement are presented from La Liga authority. Javier Aguirre claimed that he received the information while talking to the authorities regarding the resuming chance of the season. Spanish football authorities are now working together with the government to get La Liga back on track.

Leganes manager Javier Aguirre reveals the restart date of La Liga this season


While talking with the Marca Claro MVS, Leganes manager Javier Aguirre said, “We already have a start date for the league,” and then added, “On June 20, we will start La Liga and in five weeks we will be officially finished, on July 26.” The manager then also revealed the possible matchdays of the league.

He said, “It will be played on Saturday-Sunday and Wednesday-Thursday, over 11 dates.” The manager then gave the details from where he received this price of information. He said, “La Liga has just informed me officially and I am very happy about this because we already have training scheduled.”

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Javier Aguirre also talked about the possible training season of his team, Leganes, and said, “We start tomorrow. Luckily we have passed the tests.” Recently, the Spanish Football Federation confirmed their plan to extend substitute up to five each side. Aguirre said, “The federation has just authorized five changes per game,”

The coach then said, “It seems to me like the most sensible thing because how can you demand 90 minutes from the players when they have been stuck at home, between four walls for 80 days?” He then also talked about the fitness of his players, and added, “To avoid injuries, get them in shape.”

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