Joachim Löw still wants Neuer over Stegen

Joachim Löw has finally made a decision between Neuer and Stegen.

Joachim Löw: Barcelona goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen will play in the friendly against Argentina in Dortmund on Wednesday, while Neuer will return for the European qualifier in Tallinn, Estonia, four days later.

As Stegen has been picked up for friendly and Neuer for European qualifier it’s clear that Neuer still remains first choice goal keeper for Joachim Löw.

Many fans want Stegen to start for Germany in official games but Joachim Löw has confirmed that Neuer will remain the captain for Germany team and he will remain the first choice goal keeper.

Is the decision came out of threat from Bayern boss Uli Hoeness? on Sep 25, 2019, Hoeness said that Bayern München will not let any of their players play for the German national team if Stegen replaces Neuer.

Joachim Löw: “We can all be happy that we have two world-class goalkeepers in Manuel Neuer and Marc-André ter Stegen. I have absolutely no worries over this position, and we also know what (reserve goalkeepers) Kevin Trapp and Bernd Leno can do.

“I have said several times already that Manuel Neuer is our captain and No. 1 with a view to the European Championship, as long as nothing extraordinary happens.”

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