Jamie Carragher believes goalless draw against Bayern Munich is beneficial for Liverpool

Jamie Carragher believes goalless draw against Bayern Munich is beneficial for Liverpool

Liverpool may not deliver the best performance in their 0-0 draw against Bundesliga side Bayern Munich at the UEFA Champions League, but Reds legend Jamie Carragher believes goalless draw will be beneficial for the squad. The former star also expressed that Jurgen Klopp’s men have already gathered the confidence to score in the second leg.

Bayern Munich gave very few chances to the Premier League side at Anfield as they have just two shots on goal. Liverpool, on the other hand, failed to display their best and to secure a decent score against the Bundesliga side. And now, Liverpool need to secure a draw or a win to have their place in the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals.

While talking about the match, Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher said, “Maybe Bayern Munich will think tonight’s game is a good result, and yes – Liverpool’s away record has not been good this season and the end of last season so that will have to change to go through.” He added “But a goalless draw is the best draw you can get and without getting the away goal, that will be at the back of Bayern’s mind.”

He said, “I think Liverpool will be confident they can score in Bayern Munich because I feel tonight [Mats] Hummels was outstanding at the back but he defended very deep. At home, Bayern have to win the game and you may expect their defenders will be closer to the halfway line so there will be more space for [Mohamed] Salah, [Sadio] Mane and [Roberto] Firmino.”


The former Liverpool star then also expressed his views on the result and said, “So I don’t think it’s a bad result tonight for Liverpool. Yes you want to win the game and I think with the away record you have to do more and get more goals, but without Virgil van Dijk to keep a clean sheet, stop [Robert] Lewandowski from scoring, it’s not a bad result.”

Jamie Carragher said, “Liverpool weren’t at their best tonight. And I think with 15-20 minutes to go, yes you want to win the game, but you also have to think don’t lose the game,” and added, “Bayern Munich put in a performance tonight like a really experienced, top-class Champions League team – and that’s what they are.” He then further added, “And the most important for Liverpool then, when you see the Munich performance, make sure you don’t lose.”

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