Is Neymar the Kim Kardashian of Football? Joey Barton Thinks So…

Joey Barton, the former Marseille star has termed Neymar Jr. as the Kim Kardashian of football. While talking to L’Equipe, Barton said that Neymar is not the world’s best player and it was evident in the World Cup. He further said that Neymar is not at the level of Messi or Ronaldo. Infact, there are many players who are better than Neymar Jr.

Neymar Posing

According to Barton, Neymar Jr. is not a footballing phenomenon. He termed Neymar Jr. as advertising phenomenon, just like Kim Kardashian and her sisters. Barton continued to take shots at the PSG star and said that even his 6 years old son is not interested in Neymar Jr.

Neymar with his Girlfriend

This comes in after Neymar Jrs. lacklustre performance against Liverpool in the Champions League fixture on Tuesday. PSG lost the match 3 – 2. Neymar failed to impress and could not score or provide an assist.

Many would agree with what Barton has to say. Neymar Jr. surely finds his way into the news one way or the other. But to deny the fact that the Brazilian possess incredible footballing abilities would not be right. Neymar surely needs to work hard in order to get back to his A game and to be compared to the likes of Ronaldo and Messi.

Neymar on Holiday

As for calling Neymar the Kardashian of football, we leave that up to the fans to decide if the statement holds weight or not!

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