Here’s How Twitter Has Reacted to Salah’s Statue: 11 Best Tweets

Mohamed Salah’s newly revealed statue in Egypt has taken the Internet by a storm. The statue that was put on display this Sunday at World Youth Forum in Sharm al-Sheikh depicts Salah in his signature celebration style. The striker is depicted with open arms. However, many of the football fans have mocked the statue and are not willing to accept that it looks like Mohamed Salah. Twitter users have reacted to this statue in their typical creativity. Here are 11 best tweets on Salah’s unusual statue.

1 – Someone just called it a dead ringer for Marv in Home Alone, and it actually looks quite accurate.

2 – Don’t forget, Ronaldo’s statue is also in the running for the worst statue competition.

3 – There are so many things this statue can be related to.


4 – If the Salah actually looked same as the statue.

5 – The Mo Salah statue lead to people discovering some hidden gems.

6 – Oh, it fits the titanic poster as well.

7 – Yup, too many people resemble the statue.

8 – This is perfect!

9 – Inspired from the Simpsons?


10 – Every time I see Salah, reminds me of the statue…

11 – This is hilarious.

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