Gervinho Admires Salah’s Work Ethic; Says “Mohamed Salah Trains like a Madman”

Liverpool Football Prodigy Mohamed Salah has earned the respect of his peers because of his amazing skills and dedication to the sport. His former team mate Gervinho recently praised his fierce training regimen. According to Gervinho Mohamed Salah trains like a “madman”.

Salah’s performance in his last season has the world praising him as one of the best footballers of current times. And rightly so because Salah scored 32 goals in 36 Premier League matches when he joined Roma in a deal amounting to around £50million.

Mohamed Salah established himself as a vital player for the Roma squad. Gervinho who only got to play alongside Mohamed Salah before he departed from the team. Gervinho got to witness Salah’s intense training regimen. He added that Salah’s work ethic is awe inspiring.

“Salah is a tough guy,”  Gervinho; currently playing for Parma, told the Guardian Salah is always calm and strong, with the mindset of a hard worker.

“I’ll never forget his training sessions: very high rhythm, pushed like a madman, you watched him in amazement.He had a sort of positive effect – you saw Salah and wanted to work harder. Talent and sacrifice.”


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