Cristiano Ronaldo surpass Pele

Gary Neville says Cristiano Ronaldo has his plan to surpass all the records of Pele

According to the former English star and Manchester United legend, Gary Neville, Juventus idol Cristiano Ronaldo has his plan to surpass all the records created by Pele during his heydays and will soon become the greatest footballer of all time. Since the last 18 years, CR7 is enjoying a successful career in football.

While playing for Manchester United, Real Madrid, and now in Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo already proved his worth in football and made his name as one of the greatest footballers ever to grace the ground. Besides, he also established his name as one of the highest scorers in international football.

Gary Neville says Cristiano Ronaldo has his plan to surpass all the records of Pele


The 35-year-old Portuguese legend already has five European championships under his name along with three Premier League titles and two La Ligas. Besides, he also won the prestigious Ballon d’Or five times till now. Recently in 2018, he left Real Madrid as the highest top scorer of all time for a record-breaking deal with Juventus.

While talking about the Juventus star, Gary Neville said, “His drive to become the best in the world was out of this world.” He then also told Sky Sports that, “He was one of the few players that I’ve played with that would publicly announce that individual trophies were important to him.”

Cristiano Ronaldo – Skills and Goals


He said, “He just wanted to be the very best and what he’s done over the years has been absolutely exceptional. His achievements have been amazing and he’s worked hard for it.” The star then added, “It’s an obsession with scoring goals and applying himself every day, being the fittest he can possibly be. I think he’s lifted his professionalism every single year and progressed.”

Neville said, “I think he has a plan to go on and take over Pele’s record. He wants to be the greatest of all time and that is his sole purpose.” He then further added, “Understanding that along the way if he is the greatest of all time, the teams that he plays for will win trophies and be successful.”

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