France vs Uruguay Highlights and Match Report World Cup 2018

The World Cup battle has just got better with quarter-finals kicking off today, in a first encounter today it was France vs Uruguay. And the news right from there tells it has all been about France’s dominance with scoring two Goals and Uruguay’s goalie Fernando Muslera’s clumsy work causing an easy goal for the side. At the same time, the French goalkeeper proved his mettle with saving an easy looking goal with his superb effort.

France 2-0 Uruguay

The Uruguayan line-up proved to be a toothless lion in the absence of Cavani, who stands tall as the top goal scorer of this South American side. On the other hand, Griezmann played a pivotal role in France leading all the way, his assist in the 40th minute on free kick became productive as Varane headed it right into the goal. The early second half brought a lead to 2-0 for Frenchman as Griezmann’s kick on target finds the way to the nets with courtesy to the clumsy work of Uruguay’s goalkeeper. The thing which should be noted here is that team France hit just two shots on goal and both the time’s answer was big ‘yes’ for the European side.

Uruguay vs France Match Highlights


Even the ball possession had France dominating well with 53% and that made Uruguay rubbing their heads especially because of the absence of their star player Cavani.

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