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Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022: BBC and ITV announce TV picks

Luke Shaw celebrating his goal against Italy in the Euro 2020 final
England lost the Euro 2020 final against Italy on penalties, despite taking the lead through Luke Shaw

England’s opening group game against Iran at the 2022 World Cup will be shown live on the BBC.

Gareth Southgate’s side are in action on the opening day of the tournament in Qatar on Monday, 21 November.

The Three Lions’ final group game against the final European qualifier, which will be one of Wales, Scotland or Ukraine, will also be live on the BBC.

The BBC will also show the second group game between Iran and either Wales, Scotland or Ukraine.

England’s second group stage match against the United States will be shown live on ITV, as will Ukraine, Scotland or Wales’ match against the US.

Ukraine’s play-off against Scotland last month was postponed because of Russia’s invasion of the country and has been provisionally rescheduled for June. The winner of that tie will then play Wales for a place at the World Cup.

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The BBC, which has first pick of the semi-finals, is sharing television coverage of the tournament in the UK with ITV, which has first and second picks in the last 16 and first pick of the quarter-finals.

Away from the home nations, the BBC will also show group stage matches between Spain and Germany, Brazil and Serbia, and Argentina and Poland – as well as two matches featuring defending champions France and all of Belgium’s group games.

There will be four games per day during the group stage, with the first two rounds of matches kicking off at 10:00, 13:00, 16:00 and 19:00 GMT, meaning fans will be able to watch nine hours of continuous live football across both channels.

“We are very excited about our selection of matches,” said Philip Bernie, BBC head of TV Sport.

“We have two England group games – their opening game with Iran then the enticing match against either Wales, Scotland or Ukraine – as well as the heavyweight clash between Spain and Germany, big games involving Brazil, Argentina, France and Belgium, and the first pick of the semi-finals.

“With extensive 24/7 coverage across BBC TV, BBC iPlayer, radio, online and social media, the World Cup promises to be a huge event to wrap up a major sporting year on the BBC.”

Niall Sloane, ITV’s director of sport, said: “The World Cup is now in focus and we’re delighted to be able to bring viewers coverage of some of the standout games of the tournament across ITV channels and our new free streaming service ITVX, which launches this autumn.

“We have picks one and two of the round of 16 and pick one of the quarter-finals. The ITV Sport team is now looking forward to bringing viewers the very best of the first winter World Cup.”

TV coverage of England group games

21 November, 13:00: England v Iran – BBC

25 November, 19:00: England v USA – ITV

29 November, 19:00: Ukraine/Scotland/Wales v England – BBC

TV coverage of Ukraine/Scotland/Wales group games

21 November, 19:00: USA v Ukraine/Scotland/Wales – ITV

25 November, 10:00: Ukraine/Scotland/Wales v Iran – BBC

29 November, 19:00: Ukraine/Scotland/Wales vs England – BBC

TV schedule for all 2022 World Cup group games

21 November, 10:00: Senegal v Netherlands – ITV

21 November, 13:00: England v Iran – BBC

21 November, 16:00: Qatar v Ecuador – BBC

21 November, 19:00: USA v Ukraine/Scotland/Wales – ITV

22 November, 10:00: Argentina v Saudi Arabia – ITV

22 November, 13:00: Denmark v Tunisia – ITV

22 November, 16:00: Mexico v Poland – BBC

22 November, 19:00: France v UAE/Australia/Peru – BBC

23 November, 10:00: Morocco v Croatia – ITV

23 November, 13:00: Germany v Japan – ITV

23 November, 16:00: Spain v Costa Rica/New Zealand – ITV

23 November, 19:00: Belgium v Canada – BBC

24 November, 10:00: Switzerland v Cameroon – ITV

24 November, 13:00: Uruguay v South Korea – BBC

24 November, 16:00: Portugal v Ghana – ITV

24 November, 19:00: Brazil v Serbia – BBC

25 November, 10:00: Ukraine/Scotland/Wales v Iran – BBC

25 November, 13:00: Qatar v Senegal – BBC

25 November, 16:00: Netherlands v Ecuador – ITV

25 November, 19:00: England v USA – ITV

26 November, 10:00: Tunisia v UAE/Australia/Peru – BBC

26 November, 13:00: Poland v Saudi Arabia – ITV

26 November, 16:00: France v Denmark – ITV

26 November, 19:00: Argentina v Mexico – ITV

27 November, 10:00: Japan v Costa Rica/New Zealand – ITV

27 November, 13:00: Belgium v Morocco – BBC

27 November, 16:00: Croatia v Canada – BBC

27 November, 19:00: Spain v Germany – BBC

28 November, 10:00: Cameroon v Serbia – ITV

28 November, 13:00: South Korea v Ghana – BBC

28 November, 16:00: Brazil v Switzerland – ITV

28 November, 19:00: Portugal v Uruguay – ITV

29 November, 15:00: Ecuador v Senegal – ITV

29 November, 15:00: Netherlands v Qatar – ITV

29 November, 19:00: Iran v USA – BBC

29 November, 19:00: Ukraine/Scotland/Wales v England – BBC

30 November, 15:00: Tunisia v France – BBC

30 November, 15:00: UAE/Australia/Peru v Denmark – BBC

30 November, 19:00: Poland v Argentina – BBC

30 November, 19:00: Saudi Arabia v Mexico – BBC

1 December, 16:00: Canada v Morocco – BBC

1 December, 16:00: Croatia v Belgium – BBC

1 December, 19:00: Japan v Spain – ITV

1 December, 19:00: Costa Rica/New Zealand v Germany – ITV

2 December, 16:00: Ghana v Uruguay – BBC

2 December, 16:00: South Korea v Portugal – BBC

2 December, 19:00: Serbia v Switzerland – ITV

2 December, 19:00: Cameroon v Brazil – ITV

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