Ernesto Valverde denies the VAR controversy

Ernesto Valverde denies the VAR controversy saying the goal of Luis Suarez was ‘clear’

Barcelona manager Ernesto Valverde denies any controversy regarding the goal of Suarez against Leganes as he believes the officials of the last match made a correct decision to allow that goal. However, Leganes protested the controversial goal of the Uruguayan forward after their tragic 3-1 defeat.

Leganes gave an unexpectedly tough fight against Barcelona as Martin Braithwaite equalized the opener of Ousmane Dembele in the second half. Valverde then took the decision to introduce Lionel Messi on the ground to change the color of the game. And without any doubt, it created a lot of impact on the Barcelona squad as they finished the match with a two-goal lead.

Ivan Cuellar saved the brilliant shot of Lionel Messi in the second half which Luis Suarez netted from a pretty close range. Leganes then appealed for a VAR due to the Uruguayan’s collision with the goalie. The replays then showed, although there was a collision with Cuellar, the impact was minimal and they assigned a green signal for the goal.

While talking about the goal, Barcelona manager Ernesto Valverde said “I thought it was a goal,” and added, “What can I say, everyone sees it from their point of view, but if the referee has given it, it will be a goal.” He then also added “With VAR, the controversy is not over. It’s a clear goal. Suarez does not touch the goalkeeper, they have reviewed it.”

The Barcelona manager then gave his opinion about the decision saying “There will always be controversy, mistakes will follow and you have to accept the error. That [errors] will not end with VAR, nor if it was a robot refereeing.” Valverde also talked about Carles Alena and said, “Alena played a great match, but we thought it was a good idea to make changes at 1-1.”

He said “[Ivan] Rakitic and Messi are used to playing together and we have opted for a turn, but that does not mean it [Alena’s performance] was not good,” and then further added “The other day the full game, Alena did not play and today he did. We have to give everyone games because they are all important.”

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