Eden Hazard believes he and Maurizio Sarri think the same way about football

Eden Hazard believes he and Maurizio Sarri think the same way about football

Amid his highly-talked transfer speculation, Eden Hazard believes he and his Chelsea coach Maurizio Sarri has the same football wavelength. He previously declared that he already made his decision about his Chelsea future, although he is yet to make it public. Besides, it is now also clear that the Spanish side Real Madrid is now trying to get him on their side.

The Chelsea manager, on the other hand, heavily praised the 28-year-old Belgian forward and declared him as the best player of Europe last Friday. The team will face Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium in their Premier League battle tomorrow. Besides, they will also contend in the Carabao Cup final later this month.


While talking about Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri, Eden Hazard said: “He’s an old man but the way he thinks is the same way I think about football.” The Chelsea star then further added, “When we have the ball, we have a lot of freedom, not just me but the striker and the right [attacker], Willian or Pedro, so we can move a lot.”

He said “The manager likes possession. He’s a lot about statistics. Numbers. Possession. Shooting. Goal opportunity.” And, then added, “In the past, we used to play more counter-attack. It is different with Sarri than with [Antonio] Conte and [Jose] Mourinho. Sometimes we keep possession, and I understand the fans want us to go forward [more directly], but it is part of the football.”

The Chelsea star said “We are still learning about his concept. We are doing well. I like this kind of football.” He then talked about the expectations on him and said, “I’m not at all selfish. The way I am can be a weakness to be the best player in the world.” He added “Managers like Mourinho, Conte, now with Sarri want me to score 40, 50 goals a season but can I do that? I’m not sure. Maybe they think I can, but I know myself and I don’t think I can. But I will try.”

Eden Hazard said “I like to be ‘the star’ but I like also when I can pass the ball to another for him to score and it is not just about me. It’s about everyone. My target is to help the team to win something.” He then also expressed his views on Higuain and said “Chelsea is not about Higuain and Hazard, it is about 25 players. But, Higuain is a fantastic striker.”

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