David Beckham Meets Luis Suarez For the First Time!

David Beckham, who is busy setting up his new MLS side Inter Miami, has met the Barcelona star, Sergio Aguero for the first time. The meeting took place on Thursday and it was Suarez who took this meeting public via his social media. Suarez said that it was an honour to meet David Beckham.

Beckham showed his support to Sergio Aguero and pointed out that although Aguero had played for two of the biggest rivals of David Beckham, he was a great player and a person as well. He showed his happiness to have met Sergio Aguero. David Beckham used to play for Manchester United and Real Madrid. On the other hand, Sergio Aguero used to paly for Brcelona and now he is currently a member of Manchester City.


It would be too early to speculate if David Beckham offered Luis Suarez to join his new team, Inter Miami. However, the chances are there that Beckham would have talked about the player joining Inter Miami some time in distant future. Beckham has been working hard with his new team and had made it to the news a couple of weeks ago when he showed his desire to sign Lionel Messi to Inter Miami.

Regardless, it is great to see two great football players from different eras meeting and supporting each other.

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