Cristiano Ronaldo’s Bicycle Kick Goal against Juventus for Real Madrid wins UEFA Goal of the Season

Its still two days to go for the UEFA Player of the Year Award will be announced, but even before that here’s something for Cristiano Ronaldo fans to cheer about. Especially, for those fans who are actually facing trolls over Ronaldo going goalless for both the games he played in for Juventus. Getting off all the hoopla, the good news is Ronaldo’s acrobatic bicycle kick goal against Juventus for Real Madrid has been voted as the UEFA Goal of the Season.

This acrobatic goal by Ronaldo came place against his current side Juventus, while he was playing in for Real Madrid in UEFA Champions League quarter-finals. The goal was historic in its own as even though it was Juventus home, the fans equally cheered the superb goal and also went on giving him the standing ovation for such a superb effort. What’s more interesting story about this goal is it’s also taken as one of the reasons behind Real Madrid star moving to the Juventus. Actually, the Portuguese star was overwhelmed to see the response of Juventus fans cheering for the great-looking goal, which was even struck against their own side.


Over being voted as the goal of the season, Ronaldo took to social media to thanks whoever voted for him. As per the UEFA official Cristiano Ronaldo bagged nearly 200,000 votes out of the total 346,195 votes.  Dimitri Payet’s goal was voted second while Eva Navarro’s shot was voted third at the UEFA Goal of the Season.



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