Cristiano Ronaldo believes his free-kick confidence is back

Cristiano Ronaldo believes his free-kick confidence is back on track after 42 continuous failed attempts

The world knows Cristiano Ronaldo as a brilliant free-kick taker as he converted most of his free-kicks during his days with Spanish club Real Madrid. However, he faced a great dry-spell right after taking his transfer to the Serie A side Juventus. In the last two Italian football seasons, Ronaldo failed to show the grace that he used to have.

Since his very early days in Manchester United, he has earned his reputation for converting goals in the dead-ball situation. That glory reached its peak during his time with Real Madrid when he used to create fear among his opponents during any dead-ball scenario. But, the Italian audience waited for too long to witness the same kind of prowess from CR7.

Cristiano Ronaldo believes his free-kick confidence is back on track after 42 continuous failed attempts


After 42 unsuccessful attempts, the Portuguese legend finally converted a free-kick into goal last night in a Serie A game. And with that goal, he touched the benchmark of 25 goals per season this year too. However, his fans still believe that he is yet to reach the peak of his performance in Serie A.

While talking about his free-kick saga, Cristiano Ronaldo told Sky Sport Italia, “I really needed that free-kick goal so I could get some confidence back,” and then also added, “We knew it would be a difficult game, but we worked hard, won and are now putting pressure on Lazio. We achieved the objective today.”

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He said, “It doesn’t matter who scores goals, as long as the team wins. We’re all in good shape and will try to win against Milan too, which is another difficult match.” Sarri, on the other hand, said, “I honestly didn’t think it was [a problem] but at the end of the match, he came to me and said ‘finally’.”

The Juventus manager said, “I never had any doubts about Dybala. It’s true he didn’t score much in the championship last year, but if you take the season two years ago, he scored a lot. He’s just had an unlucky season.” He added, “I’ve always told him what I think about how he should train and how he should play. And he tells me what he thinks.”

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