Christophe Dugarry calls Lionel Messi 'half autistic'

Christophe Dugarry calls Lionel Messi ‘half autistic’ amid the Griezmann rant

The whole world is now surprised while witnessing the online rant between two talismans of La Liga team Barcelona, Lionel Messi, and Griezmann. And amid this tension, former French striker Christophe Dugarry expressed his views on this rant and posted his opinion against the Argentine legend in support of Griezmann.

Dugarry recently appeared as a part of the broadcast coverage team of RMC Sport that recently covered the Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid match this Tuesday. That match ended in a 2-2 draw where Griezmann was subbed in the final minutes of the game against his former side. And on that note, Dugarry commented on Lionel Messi.

Christophe Dugarry calls Lionel Messi ‘half autistic’ amid the Griezmann rant

While talking about the ongoing feud between Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann, Christophe Dugarry said, “What is [Griezmann] afraid of? A kid who is 1.5 meters tall and half autistic?” The legendary French footballer who appeared in the 1998 FIFA World Cup then also said, “All he has to do is show some balls at some point.”

He said, “I’ve been saying for a year that he has a problem with Messi. He has to hit him in the face,” and then added, “It’s true that Messi could give him more passes, but honestly I am not surprised. Griezmann loses balls, doesn’t play with confidence. Griezmann should go and talk to Messi to solve the problem.”

Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann

His comment created huge controversy and then he twitted, “I’m sincerely sorry for the breadth and depth of my remarks about Lionel Messi.” He added, “I didn’t want to stigmatize people with autism disorders, that was not my intention. I apologize to the people I shocked and will do it again (apologize) on Team Duga (TV show) this evening.”

The former striker said, “He is not a decisive coach. Setien is very nice but he doesn’t have the right credentials – he didn’t know who to change. He replaced Sergio Busquets in the 85th minute to bring in Ansu Fati and launched Griezmann in the 90th.” He also added, “I don’t think it’s anything against Griezmann, he just doesn’t know how to get this team to play. He’s completely overwhelmed. I’m convinced that he has nothing against Griezmann, but rather he is just incompetent.”

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