Casemiro defends Real Madrid’s loss saying ‘We always play to win’

Right after their second leg defeat against the underdogs, Leganes, in the Copa del Rey ‘Round of 16’ match last night, Brazilian midfielder Casemiro defends his squad while insisting Real Madrid always play to win. However, Real Madrid already secured their place in the quarterfinals as they marked their spot with 3-1 on aggregate.

Los Blancos went to face Leganes with a 3-0 advantage in the second phase but met with a tragic defeat amid their La Liga struggle this season. But, their midfielder is yet to surrender as he still believes they always play to get the victory. Right after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from the squad, Real Madrid are facing a struggle in their attacking formation.

Real Madrid secured their place in the Copa del Rey quarterfinals

While talking about last night’s game, Casemiro said “We lost the game but qualified, that’s what we wanted. If we talk about how we played, we lacked depth in the first half but got better in the second,” and added “We controlled the pace, their fans were boisterous but we had the game under control. We know there are no easy games, now we are concentrating on the weekend.”

He then talked about the current form of Real Madrid and said “We always play to win, we are not in a good place, let’s be honest, but we’re working hard. We’re in the Champions League last 16, a bit far behind in LaLiga and now we’re into the next round of the Copa del Rey. Now whatever happens we just have to win, regardless of who we face.”

Casemiro defends Real Madrid

Casemiro defends Real Madrid

Nacho Fernandez, on the other hand, expressed his speculation about the future of Isco and said “He’s a very important player for Real Madrid and continues to work hard to get back out there and display the confidence we all need, he’s got the backing of the whole squad. We need Isco to be at his best, and the same goes for all of our players.”

Referees sent Mauricio Pellegrino to the stand after he allegedly made a gesture but he said “Apparently he kicked me out because I made the gesture of a pair of glasses,” and added, “But I never did it, it was an unfair expulsion.” The Leganes coach then added “I’m very bitter about this. I just told him it was a penalty.”

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