Carles Gil believes Adama Traore is the fastest footballer in the world right now

24-Year old Adama Traore delivered an amazing performance for the Wolves in the Premier League this season. And, his former teammate Carles Gil believes that Adama is the fastest footballer ever to grace the field. He also believed he is almost unstoppable and can be the greatest footballer of all time if he sharpens up a few imperfections.

Adama Traore is actually a product of Barcelona academy and then made his top-flight debut in Aston Villa. He then moved to the Wolves and currently dons their jersey. Adama and Gil played together in the Aston Vila jersey. And since then, Gil had developed his admiration towards the bright football star.

Carles Gil believes Adama Traore is the fastest footballer in the world right now


New England Revolution player Carles Gil recently talked about Adama in his interview with the Stats Perform News. He said, “He is a phenomenon,” and then went on praising his former teammate, “You will see nothing similar to his characteristics: powerful, speed… no doubt, he is the quickest in the world.”

He said, “I have always talked to friends; I don’t know if there has been as quick a player ever. Because we all would know him. It is just insane.” The star then added, “He had to polish other things. People have helped him and now he is showing that having those characteristics, he will make differences for sure.”

Adama Traore | Skills and Goals 2020


Gil said, “He still needs to improve little things, but he is called upon to make a difference.” He also talked about the physical aspect of Adama and said, “Yes, possibly, it is true. English football is maybe a more physical game and he is outstanding in that aspect,” and added, “It doesn’t matter where he is because he will be outstanding in terms of fitness.”

He said, “Tactically, it is maybe not as good [in English football]; there are more spaces, something which benefits him.” Gil then added, “He prefers to have three rivals, but having loads of space, [rather] than one-on-one or two-on-one in a little space. It is more complicated for him. That’s why maybe [English football] suits him better.”

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