Elber on Neymar

Brazilian footballer Elber believes Barcelona should not sign Neymar again

Former Brazilian striker Giovane Elber recently questions Neymar’s decision to join the French Ligue 1 side Paris Saint-Germain. He also believes that Neymar’s former club Barcelona should not re-sign the Brazilian again. However, several media houses already linked Neymar with his possible return to the Camp Nou side.

Neymar joined the French club PSG around three years back with a record transfer fee of $240 million. But since then, several media houses constantly created news about his possible return. But on the other hand, Brazilian compatriot Elber believes that Barcelona shouldn’t give him a chance to rejoin.

Brazilian footballer Elber believes Barcelona should not sign Neymar again


While talking to Cadena SER, former Brazilian footballer expressed his thoughts about the Brazilian legend currently playing in the French club. He believes that it was a bad decision for NJR. Commenting on his possible return, Elber said, “No. As he left Barcelona, for me there is no possibility of returning to Barcelona.”

He said, “For me, Neymar behaved very badly with Barca, because when he wanted to leave Barcelona he said he wanted to be the best in the world.” Elber then added, “But for God’s sake, you are not going to be the best in the world playing for PSG. For that, you have to go to Real Madrid or Barcelona, to some team where you can win the Champions League.”

Neymar – Skills and Goals

Elber said, “I believe that PSG will still not be able to win the Champions League in the next three or four years.” On the other hand, Neymar also gave updates about his recent condition while saying, “The aim is to be ready for when they signal the return of club activities, so I can be in the best possible condition.”

He said, “I’m here, training hard, with the same rhythm and frequency that I would with the club. Training even harder actually, with more activities to compensate for the lack of games,” and added, “Of course I miss the competition, but fitness coach Ricardo Rosa set up a program that I have been following to the letter.”

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