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Bernardo Silva reveals why Cristiano Ronaldo is the best footballer of all time

Despite touching the 35-year barrier in February this year, Cristiano Ronaldo still not showing any sign of slowing down. Besides, he also never stopped his medal hauls and leading his teams to success. He not only helped Portugal to achieve several international victories but also led Juventus to Italian success.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portuguese teammate Bernardo Silva recently reveals why CR7 is the best footballer of all time. CR7 not only achieved the prestigious Ballon d’Or five times in his career but also helped Portugal to win the Nations League in summer last year. Besides, he, also helped his country to win the European trophy.

Bernardo Silva reveals why Cristiano Ronaldo is the best footballer of all time


While talking about Cristiano Ronaldo, Bernardo Silva said, “I think what makes him so great is his mentality,” and then added, “He is 35 years old and it has been more than 15 years that he has played at the top level and he is not tired. He always wants more.” He said, “He wants to win more Champions Leagues, he wants to win more titles with Portugal, he wants to win more leagues, more individual trophies, he wants more goals.

He said, “I think what is annoying about him, in a way, is that in a training session, you play a game, and it is 1-1. The manager says whoever scores wins, and it is always him. It is not only in the games.” Silva added, “When a game is stuck and you don’t know if you’re going to win or not, you know that if you give him the ball, he is the guy who decides; something special might happen when he has the ball.”

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The Portuguese footballer said, “Even in the training session it is kind of annoying because it is always him that scores the most important goals! I think that is what makes him special, being there in the most important moments.” He then added, “Some games you are more confident than others. I always have one thing in my mind, I say ‘Bernardo, if one day you are not feeling confident about something, just look to your left side and right side.”

He said, “When I am not feeling confident about a game, I go into the tunnel, we are almost going out onto the pitch, I look around and I see Aymeric Laporte, Ederson, Fernandinho, Kevin [De Bruyne], David [Silva], Kun [Aguero], whoever. I look around and I think, ‘Why am I afraid?’ That is the good thing about having such amazing team-mates.”

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