Barcelona star Gerard Pique blames referees for helping Real Madrid

Barcelona star Gerard Pique blames referees for helping Real Madrid

The whole world knows the Spanish defender for his controversial statements and feud with their archrival Real Madrid. And now, Gerard Pique blames referees for helping Los Blancos in several football games. This comment of the star came right after Barcelona defeated Real Madrid’s basketball team by 94-93.

Real Madrid, on the other hand, accused the officials of taking partial calls in favor of Barcelona. Besides, several pundits also believe that the match witnessed several questionable calls from which the basketball team of Barcelona truly benefitted. However, Gerard Pique also recalled the refereeing advantage Real Madrid had during their 3-1 victory against Atletico Madrid a few days ago.

While talking about the refereeing decisions of the high-anticipated basketball match, Barcelona defender Gerard Pique said, “[Madrid’s complaints] happen in football, it happens in basketball, at least they don’t have any other sports because we’d have to suffer it in hockey and handball too.”

He said, “Then they go to the Wanda, the referees help them and then they shut up and don’t complain.” The Spanish football star then further added, “There were mistakes [in the Copa final] in Madrid’s favor first and then in Barca’s favor. And well, later we had this whole show from Madrid with the referees.”


The Barcelona defender then added, “In the end, if the referees hadn’t been wrong Barcelona would have won. In the end, it is all noise to cover up the usual issue, that Barcelona are champions, and to hide the merits of the players who lifted a cup in Madrid.” He also expressed, “I am very proud of these players.”

Talking about their UCL match, he said, “I am not worried, we have a lot of talented people up front and I’m sure they will end up scoring goals,” and added “When you have a bad run like this one you can probably get a little obsessed. If Luis Suarez has shown one thing it is that he has a lot of goals in him.” He then said, “The team leaves in good spirits generally. It is true we could not score or kill off the game, but it was played well and a lot of chances were made.”

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