Barcelona ‘celebrate’ La Liga title in empty Camp Nou as fans booed Messi.

Barcelona’s heavy 4-0 defeat in the UEFA Champions League in the week after having a 3-0 first leg lead did not fare well amongst the Catalan supporters. As reports informed that the furious fans clashed with Lionel Messi in Liverpool’s ‘John Lennon Airport’ after the 2nd leg tie.

The expectation was to have a calm Camp Nou ahead of their league fixture against Getafe, but it did not turn out to be the case. A number of supporters booed Messi and the squad as they walked out of the tunnel whilst receiving a guard of honor from the two rows of aligned Getafe players.

To top it off, the attendance inside the stadium was also uninspiring, with thousands of empty seats visible.

Coutinho was overwhelmed with boos as he first touched the ball and veteran Sergio Busquets then also felt the brunt of the fans’ anger after giving the ball away twice in dangerous areas.

Barcelona’s official Twitter account confirmed halfway through the game that the attendance was at 57,088.

That is the well below the average turn out of 77,000 in their 99,354-capacity stadium.

Steven Smith

Steven Smith

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