Alessio Romagnoli believes Gonzalo Higuain is the best striker in the world

Alessio Romagnoli believes Gonzalo Higuain is the best striker in the world

Former Rossoneri teammate and the current captain of the AC Milan squad Alessio Romagnoli believes that the Argentine international Gonzalo Higuain is the best football striker in the world right now. However, Higuain failed to deliver any significant output since his time at San Siro and recently opted for his transfer to the Premier League side Chelsea.

The Argentine star scored just six times in the first half of the Serie A this season and received heavy criticism due to his decreasing performance and slow speed. He appeared in 15 matches for the Italian club this season and failed to deliver any significant performance while having a huge responsibility on his shoulder.


Recently, Premier League side Chelsea agreed to a loan deal with his parent club Juventus. Following the new contract, the 31-year-old striker made his move to England from Italy last month. AC Milan, on the other hand, recently agreed to the transfer of Krzysztof Piatek from Genoa and is also trying to get several other players.

While talking about his former AC Milan teammate Gonzalo Higuain, Alessio Romagnoli recently told Calciomercato, “I still think he is the best striker in the world.” The Rossoneri captain then further added “I am sorry he decided to leave but we respect his decision. He is a friend of mine and if he is happy I am ok with it.”

The defender then also said, “Now we have other players that won’t make us regret his departure.” He then praised the introduction of Krzysztof Piatek in the squad and said, “We enjoy having him [Piatek] here and we hope he can keep scoring at least one goal per game.” The former Genoa man already delivered an impressive performance at the club.

While talking about the new striker of AC Milan, the captain said “We hope to win many more games so we can reach the Champions League.” Alessio Romagnoli then further added “Piatek’s impressed me with his desire and hunger. You can see he wants to show what he’s all about and that’s important. He’s young and on the right path.”

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