11 Hilarious Photos of Neymar Doing What He Does Best – Dive!

by Joe Kauffman
1 minutes read

Who comes to your mind when one talks about diving in football? Yes! It’s Neymar Jr. The highly talented Brazilian super star has earned himself a reputation of one of the greatest diver’s of the sport. Despite possessing excellent dribbling skills and and fast pace, Neymar often tends to dive in order to win penalties and free kicks. However, with the passage of time, improving technology in football, and his own reputation, Neymar’s dives are become less effective with every passing day.

Neymar’s dive’s have earned him several nicknames, including the famous one, “Dolphin”. Just out of good fun, we have compiled some of the most dramatic photos of Neymar’s dive, that will surely give you some great laughs.

11 – Who can forget this famous back-dive from Neymar!

10 – He never siezes to shine at the International stage.

9 – Earned quite a reputation at Barcelona.

8 – Well, you have to give it him. He acts quite convincing!

7 – Opposition players have their hands up in the air while running with the legend. Because you never know, when the legend decides to go down.

6 – Diving from above the already fallen players!

5 – Here’s a complete defense amazed by the talent.

4 – The boy has surely done some innovation in diving styles.

3 – Some pictures just leave you guessing as to what actually happened. And this is one of them. A masterpiece from the magician.

2 – Some kids decided to give a tribute to their favorite player.

1 – Here’s an entire kids football academy, embrassing the phenomenon and teching kids the art of diving in honour of Sir Neymar Jr.

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