Various Studios Produce #Compass Mobile Game Anime Shorts On YouTube

Since August, NHN PlayArt and Nico Nico’s #Compass [COMbat Providence AnalysiS System] smartphone game has been producing a series of anime shorts. TMS Entertainment is in charge of these four-minute long anime shorts production. And recently there were different studios and staff members that are participating in the project. Each making short highlighting a different hero from the game.

  • This anime short is animated from ECHOES and is directed and written by Tetsuro Kodama. Which make its debut on YouTube on August 22. This anime short focuses on Matoi Fukawa, a fireworks technician who looks up to her grandfather.
  • This anime short is animated from TMS Jinni and is directed and written by Shigeyuki Watanabe. its debut on YouTube is on September 10. This anime short focuses on Voidoll, the AI in control of #Compass.
  • This anime short is also directed and written by Shigeyuki Watanabe TMS Jinni. Its debut on YouTube is on October 6. This anime short focuses on Ririka, one of the main characters of the fictional magical girl show “Mahō Shōjo Ririka Ruruka.”

#COMPASS (COMbat Providence AnalysiS System) is a 3v3 mobile game created by NHN PlayArt in conjunction with DWANGO/Nico Nico Douga. The game sees a red and blue team fight to capture and maintain control over control points a.k.a Portal Keys scattered around the arena through use of their characters abilities and cards. Whichever team is in control of the most keys at the end of the timer is crowned the winner.

#COMPASS Originally released in November 2016, the game has grown to have a large variety of characters and has collaborated with a number of other franchises, introducing new playable characters and cards to use in battle. Each new character that is unlocked allows for a different gameplay style due to the differing abilities and skills of each hero, with characters being put into four distinct ‘classes’; Sprinters, Attackers, Gunners and Tanks.

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