Zente, This Adorable And Extremely Strong Gentleman Needs Your Help As Well!

Zente was conceived on the 28th of February 2018 in Hungary with an extreme hereditary issue, called SMA ( winding line muscle decay). He began to give indications of the illness at 4 months of age, and was analyzed at 5 months of age with SMA type 1. With this finding, kids won’t get by past age 2, in light of the fact that solid decay influences the muscles of the appendages, yet in addition the muscles required for gulping and relaxing! Zente, then again, is an astoundingly solid infant, regardless of the infection. He is battling against muscle squandering with an assistance of an exceptional treatment called Spinraza. He is getting this since 7 months of age. Every infusion is surrendered to the spinal string after lumbar admisintration. Up until now, Zente has experienced 6 lumbar.

There is one treatment what could spare Zente’s life.

The essence of the Zolgensma treatment is very simplified: a virus is introduced to the body, which takes over the role/function of the missing gene and begins to produce protein for the muscles…as much as you need to have. (Not just a little to survive).

This is a single infusion. Only one treatment is needed. It is available since May in the USA. There is no European treatment permit.

The current development is only for children up to 2 years of age. The cost of the treatment is an incredible amount $2.11 million.

So the parents have 6 months to get it…

Zente is an excellent candidate for this treatment. Please help him with even one dollar if you can!

Összefogás Zentéért Alapítvány

International account number (OTP Bank Hungary): HU06117310012312017800000000







Zente and his amazing dog, Fruzsina (source: Zente’s facebook page)

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