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YouTuber Finds GoPro Footage Of Man’s Final Moments 2 Years After His Death

Richard Ragland has died because of drowning into water falls State Park. It is an incident of 2 years back. He went into there and never comeback. Only the news of his death came. His parents were wondering that what had happened to him.

But now Youtuber vlogger had found his GOPRO pictures. Youtube vlogger is named as “treasure hunter,” Rich Aloha Abernathy.

Aloha is a licensed diver. He was haunting for treasure at Foster Falls.. He found the last video of Richard. He was living his last moments to the fullest. Whole world along with his parents will see this documentary.

Just scroll it down and watch that tragic video of Richard.

Richard Ragland was taken too soon.

Few days before his 23rd birthday, He was planning a road trip with his friends.

The group made a detour on their way back.

They stopped at Foster Falls state park to click some pictures in front of water fall.

The park contains over ninety miles of hiking trails…

Foster falls is seventy four feet water fall. It is located in middle of the park. It is very famous for visitors for outdoor swimming.

But disaster struck.

He was swimming at the water fall and never came out.

He drowned right there in the park.

Richard was a National Guard soldier and a confident swimmer. But due to unknown reasons he drowned and never come to the surface again.

Apparently, his friends tried to bring him back to the surface…

But no one was able to find him at that time.

Richard was filming with his GoPro that day…

His camera was drowned with him deep down into the lake. It was seemed that it will never be found again.

And his parents were left questioning the circumstances surrounding their son’s death.

His father questioned WSBTV. He asked what happened that he could not come to the surface again.

Park Rangers apparently recovered the thumb drive from the GoPro…

Richard’s Ragland pictures were posted to his parents. But when they returned home, they found an empty envelop.

And for 2 years, his parents’ questions have been left unanswered.

His family was left with some assumptions. This could happen or that could happen.

His mom Robin said that we miss him with all our heart.

Until now.

Aloha found Richard’s lost GOPRO.

Aloha is a keen free-diver.

He dedicated his channel to treasure haunting.

And last week, he made a miraculous discovery.

Rich found Gopro somehow.

Unbelievably, the GoPro was still intact.

It was broken though. But the SD card was working.

He had been told about Richard’s tragic death before his dive…

The videos in the camera were making sense to Rich. He discovered that death scene of Richard.

Rich then set it upon himself to get the GoPro back to Richard’s family.

He searched a lot foe Richard’s parents and finally got their number. He called them.

And he was able to return the footage to its rightful owners.

He was happy that he has returned that video to right owners.

Richard’s family are finally able to watch his final moments.

Robin told about Aloha’s efforts,” He made us many calls until he talked to us”

Writing in a Facebook post, they declared that Aloha is now considered as a part of their family.

His parents wrote at his post that they have found his pictures and videos from Aloha.

The video footage shows Richard having fun with his friends.

Robin recollected his last moments.She described those moments as rich moments of Rich.

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