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Women Reveal the 17 Unusual Things They Find Attractive in Guys

What do you find alluring in the contrary sex? Perhaps you’re into the Idris Elba type? You can never turn out badly with mysterious yet attractive, correct? Or on the other hand what about a neat and tidy sort of fellow like Ryan Gosling? Or on the other hand possibly you’re into long hair and a million-dollar grin (Jason Momoa, anybody)? You would believe that those sorts of things would be in the rundown of the best 10 things that ladies find alluring in folks, yet an ongoing survey led by VT found generally.

Here’s a rundown of seventeen of the most irregular things that ladies find alluring with regards to men.

This may give every one of you fellas out there some expectation…

17. Beer bellies.

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Truly. It appears as though ladies are more averse to need a man with a muscly body these days, with many wanting to select the old great that is the lager gut.

Better hit the gym!

16. Sweat Pants.

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Particularly a nice ol’ pair of grey sweats. I don’t know what it is, but seeing the opposite sex sporting loungewear always seems to be an attractive trait and it isn’t something that’s exclusive to men, either.

15. Being cool with periods.

This one was abnormal. I didn’t realize that ladies minded if men were made a fuss over periods. That is to say, they will happen in any case. In any case, I get it’s charming when folks perceive that you’re in agony and deal with you.

Young ladies do tend like kind men.

14. Ankles.

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I don’t have the foggiest idea what it is about lower legs, yet I do get it. Simply that smidgen of lower leg substance is sufficient to make a lady feeble at the knees.

13. A “sleepy” voice.

There’s nothing hotter than a man’s morning voice, am I right, women? Try not to ask me for what reason, since I can’t put my finger that. It’s simply exceptionally appealing.

12. Veins.

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You’ve most likely known about the vein thing, correct? On hands, arms, legs, any place. Veins are an appealing component.

11. Being handy around the house.

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A man who realizes how to fix things immediately ends up alluring. Presumably about it. Additional focuses on the off chance that you can dispose of creepy crawlies without shouting.

10. Hands.

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We’re going to connect this one with the veins… veiny hands, what a deadly combo!

9. Giving tight hugs.

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I, for one, am absolutely behind this one.

Being gotten in a cozy embrace is presumably one of the most healthy things ever.

8. Playing baseball.

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I as of late viewed an entire ball game and I can securely say that I am very pulled in to individuals who play baseball. Bryce Harper is commonly quite gorgeous, yet, on the pitch, he abruptly resembles a type of God.

7. Singing off-key.

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According to this poll, having the voice of an angel is overrated.

Step out of the way, Justin Timberlake, and make room for all the guys who could possibly cause damage to your eardrums. Those are the ones we’re all waiting for.

6. Calloused hands.

500 Days Of Summer Hands GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

This one isn’t my undisputed top choice, however it’s demonstrated to be extremely prevalent among other ladies. The unpleasantness of the callouses would put me off…

5. His smell after a “long, hard day of work.”

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Gracious better believe it, that exquisite smell of perspiration blended with a trace of sandalwood. Who wouldn’t locate that alluring?

4. Knowing complicated words.

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Right, I want to edit this one a little bit and call it “an educated man.” Sounds a lot more credible.

3. Being a dad.

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This one is likely the most typical thing on the rundown. There’s nothing more alluring than seeing a man being great with children.

2. Having a hickie-worthy neck.

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It appears as though a few ladies like to benefit from the blood of the men that they find appealing.

1. Necks in general.

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Right, decent necks are on the whole great, yet is it extremely worth committing two entire segments to them???

So there we have it!

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Those are the seventeen most irregular things that ladies find appealing with regards to men. Do you concur with these or do you have your own somewhat bizarre obsessions? In any case, I trust that you fellas out there made notes, in light of the fact that there are a ton of ladies who can identify with this rundown.

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