Woman Gets ‘Pro Revenge’ At Friend That Announced Engagement At Her Wedding By Revealing She’s Pregnant At Hers

Love of family and friends reaches to its intensity. When you are getting married. Mostly emotional scenes are seen on such occasions. But some relatives can still spoil that charm and happiness.

Yazdon, Reddit user has posted a story of betray. This story has a lot of drama. Humorous rather not! Just have a look over the hilarious tale.

Yazdon’s reply

Cousin’s wedding – An exciting event

Sarah’s announcement

Emma – On the verge of tears

Maid of Honor

Beginning of Fun

Blue petals made Sarah confused

Demands of Sarah

Time for speeches

Couple’s lighthearted jokes

Blue vs. white petals

Last slide – An ultrasound picture

Sara – The nasty

Emma is pregnant

People thought that this story had no heroes, only villains

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